Hannah Georgas "Bye Bye Love" (Everly Brothers cover)

Hannah Georgas 'Bye Bye Love' (Everly Brothers cover)
Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers sadly passed away this weekend, and Canadian singer-songwriter Hannah Georgas is paying tribute by sharing her cover of the duo's breakthrough hit, "Bye Bye Love."

This cover is an atmospheric, dramatically synth-laced number along the lines of Georgas's recent electronic-oriented material.

She wrote on Facebook, "The Everly Brothers inspired me in many ways. From their gorgeous harmonies to the sadness and sweetness of their lyrics. This past summer I recorded a cover of a song they made famous, 'Bye Bye Love.' I love the juxtaposition of the lyrics vs sonic elements of this track. On first listen you feel the poppy and happy energy they bring to the song. As you dig deeper and listen to the lyrics, it's then you realize how heartbreaking it actually is."