Iron Reagan Crossover Ministry

Iron Reagan  Crossover Ministry
Richmond, VA punk brigade Iron Reagan have been consistently releasing top quality political punk since their 2013 debut, Worse Than Dead, and show no signs of stopping on Crossover Ministry. With their third full-length album, the band have crafted yet another solid piece of loud and proud, straight-to-the-point hardcore punk.
Crossover Ministry highlights the band's skill at mixing blistering fast thrash riffs with hard partying grooves. Tracks like opener "A Dying World" or "Condition Evolution" combine chugging downtempo riffs with chaotic solos and rapid-fire drums that show why Iron Reagan are leading the crossover thrash pack.
Singer Tony Foresta's lyrics take aim at everything from privileged rich folks to religion to a multitude of other hot button issues, yet his humour shines through enough to make them memorable. Songs like "Fuck the Neighbours" and the seven-second "Parents of Tomorrow" provide a lighthearted break from Foresta's ruthless view on the state of the world.
While Crossover Ministry is an outstanding album it's not perfect. The guest vocals provided by former Dr. Living Dead! singer Andreas Sandberg are thin-sounding, and distract from the rest of the track. The group also could have trimmed the fat across this album, as some of the tracks begin to blend together after the halfway mark.
Overall though, Crossover Ministry is a well-made crossover thrash album that's sure to be a hit with fans of the genre, and could be the selling point for people just getting into it. (Relapse)