Kaya Project ...And So It Goes

The latest effort from UK-based world fusion/downtempo up-and-comers Seb Taylor and Natasha Chamberlain finds the duo intertwining the global cultural influences their music reflects more than ever. Where Kaya Project's earlier albums, Walking Through and Elixir, made more pronounced divisions between gypsy strings, Arabic wails, classical Indian violins and chill-out room backbeats, …And So It Goes brews a subtler overall mixture of production elements. Though many collaborators appear, Taylor and Chamberlain take the bulk of the credits — composition, production, guitar (Taylor) and vocals (Chamberlain) — knitting together dynamic themes, samples and a host of down-home and exotic instruments alike (mandolin, blues harp, violin and "Ugandan sound fx," amongst others). The juxtaposition of clarinet and Hindi chants ("Dark Roads") and the upbeat tabla and violin mix ("Saranghi Breaks") are amongst the more memorable of these mystical, moody world beat incantations but it's a deep, meditative listening experience the whole way through. (Interchill)