Pointed Sticks Waiting for the Real Thing

Pointed Sticks were a phenomenal Vancouver band that grew out of the West coast’s punk/new wave back in 1978. Slick and fuelled by pop sensibilities, Pointed Sticks could have been considered Canada’s answer to the Buzzcocks, but the band had an unfortunately short career that only spanned three years. Although they attained some success with their first two singles, the album they were supposed to release never hit the stands. Waiting for the Real Thing is a compilation of the Pointed Sticks’ singles, demos, and TV and radio recordings. The band run high on sugar spun energy on songs like "Somebody’s Mom” and "Lies,” while the mania of early new wave really comes through on songs like "Love or Money” and "Worse.” This 24-track collection captures the inspiration that drove Pointed Sticks, who, when they debuted, simply proclaimed that "Pointed Sticks are fun,” and that’s exactly what you’ll find here. (Sudden Death)