​Cloud Nothings Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto, ON, August 20

​Cloud Nothings Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto, ON, August 20
Photo: Shane Parent
Atmospheric realities be damned. Saturday night Camp Wavelength headliners and American exports Cloud Nothings took on the predominantly Canadian-billed festival with their signature lo-fi indie-rock, transforming the island into a post-punk garage show for one sweet hour.

With four albums to their name, the well-established Cleveland noisemakers focused primarily on 2014 critical darling Here and Nowhere Else and 2012's Attack on Memory. Excellent concert opener "Psychic Trauma" set the tone with impeccable rhythm and layered guitar, while cuts from both aforementioned LPs sounded just as fresh as the new material that they sprinkled through the set.

Keeping the crowd banter to a minimum — other than lead singer/guitarist Dylan Baldi modestly thanking the audience for attending their set rather than hitting the beach — worked in the band's favour, as each song flowed seamlessly into the next by way of extended instrumental segues.

Percussion-led, guitar-heavy tracks dominated the set, slowly causing lively festival-goers to sweat along with the band. And if the playfully rowdy mosh pit during the epic, blistering set closer "Wasted Days" — or the audience's plea for an encore shortly afterwards — was any indication, then yes, watching Cloud Nothings perform was without a doubt a better alternative to sitting at the beach.