Rae Spoon Launches Fundraiser to Help Pay Medical Bills Amid Cancer Battle

It aims to raise $32,000 for the struggling Canadian artist
Rae Spoon Launches Fundraiser to Help Pay Medical Bills Amid Cancer Battle
Folk singer-songwriter and Coax Records founder Rae Spoon was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer in March of last year, and throughout their treatment, they've accrued mounting expenses related to moving costs, surgery and prescriptions. In order to help cover costs, the artist is now asking for financial help in the form of a fundraiser with the goal of reaching $32,000.

Without health insurance or family to lean on in times of financial struggle, Spoon is asking the public for support in covering living and medical expenses, including rent, counselling, prescriptions, vehicle repair and insurance, repaying loans and other related costs.

After going into remission in August 2020, doctors discovered Spoon's cancer had returned in October. By November, they underwent a hysterectomy and double oophorectomy, which has caused ongoing issues with pelvic abscesses. Tomorrow (February 19), Spoon will have another surgery to repair tissues that were damaged by radiation therapy. They already have a permanent colostomy and may need to get either a urostomy or a nephrostomy as a result of the procedure.

Healing time is expected to take two to eight weeks in hospital and six months overall, so Spoon plans to apply for long-term disability in BC, dissolve their corporation and get onto Fair Pharmacare in order to help cover costs. Still, they will need additional support.

You can contribute to Spoon's fundraiser and learn more details about their needs and goals by visiting Greyson Gritt's campaign over at Fundrazr. Everyone who donates will receive a download link for The Rae Spoon Songbook, which contains "sheet music for all of their songs and the music from all of their solo albums."