Greys "The Voyeur" (video)

Greys 'The Voyeur' (video)
Ahead of the release of Greys' new Repulsion 7-inch, someone has sneakily uploaded a security camera-captured basement jam of the record's "The Voyeur." You can take a candid peek at the Toronto-area post-punksĀ in action via an online stream.

As you'll see below, it seems the band are being caught in the act unawares, and thus don't seem to be going off to their nearly-Nirvana-styled banger as hard as they might in concert. That said, there's a disconcerting drone hovering around the low-ceiling jam space too, so maybe Greys are focusing on not getting a miniature chopper blade in an eye as much as they are playing the tune proficiently.

Either way, you can check out the otherwise rock solid rager down below.

As previously reported, Repulsion drops October 30 via Buzz Records/Carpark, and the band will be supporting the vinyl single on an upcoming tour with Indian Handcrafts. You'll find the date info here.