LOAF Muzik "The Dungeon" on Exclaim! TV

LOAF Muzik 'The Dungeon' on Exclaim! TV
A hip-hop collective from New York, LOAF Muzik is comprised of Shadow the Great, Oso Dope, Kidaf and Shine Sinatra. The up-and-coming quartet cite golden era hip-hop as their influence, bringing to mind the classic rap vibe of the Wu-Tang Clan, but the four-piece put their own spin on a prolific genre, Spitting clever verses over smooth beats and slick rhythms, the group demonstrate a fresh energy infused with jazz, soul and R&B on their 2015 release Live From The Dungeon. They've been touring over the past year, playing shows in their concrete jungle hometown and festivals like SXSW, but we stopped by LOAF Muzik's Toronto performance back in February to catch the band in action.

Throwing their hands up in the air in unison, the group bring a youthful energy (and a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey) to this episode of Exclaim! TV. A glimmering melody and solid beat serve as a strong base for the verses, tossed back and forth seamlessly among group members on the small club. Watch the high-energy performance in the player below.

Filmed by Katherine Kwan and Kyle Laurin
Audio by Kyle Laurin and Connor Young
Edited by Katherine Kwan
Filmed at Double Double Land (209 Augusta Ave.) in Toronto, ON

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