Operators Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto, ON, August 19

Operators  Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto, ON, August 19
Photo: Shane Parent
"Guys, we forgot a keyboard, so I'm gonna go get it and I'll be right back,"  Operators lead singer and Wolf Parade hero Dan Boeckner declared at the start of the supergroup's headlining set last night (August 19). Eliciting cheers, it was clear that they had been instantly forgiven for the delayed start.
"It was actually buried under a pile of fire ants," he announced upon his return, and so began a night of whip-quick crowd banter — though it certainly wasn't enough to overshadow or undervalue the demonstration of musical talent that ensued.
Operators' blend of ice-cold new wave and melancholic electronic made for an excellently executed, crowd-pleasing live set. Fresh off the heels of releasing their Blue Wave LP, the band brought mastery and panache to the live versions of the intricate album cuts. Drummer Sam Brown of Divine Fits impressively drove the pulse all night, especially shining on single "Cold Light," while synth star Devojka brought the music's glossier dance elements to the forefront with her tardily retrieved keyboard (which, she noted, was small but very important).
When they weren't pouring their all into the demanding musical performances, Boeckner and Devojka bounced banter back and forth between songs, making light of their music's dark themes ("You're welcome to dance the tears away"). Ultimately, they delivered the most engaging and interactive performance of the evening.